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Transponder keys are becoming more widely used annually. Located in the car key is a “chip” that electronically sends coded messages to start a vehicles engine. Usually if your car is no more than 15 years old, your key has this type of chip inside of it. If the transponder chip is missing then your engine will fail to start. If you are having any problems or complications in concerns with your transponder key, give Dallas Locksmiths a call today. We can successfully reprogram or replace your transponder key. Although these types of keys offer an increase of auto security, they are usually more costly than regular keys. Dallas Locksmiths doesn’t want you to have to pay an arm and a leg just to get you back going on your way. We will try our very best to match each and every customers needs with affordable prices they can manage.


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Keys use to be very cheap and inexpensive but can now be very costly. A transponder key system works by swapping electronic coded signatures with a radio transmission between the key and the car. This is why, even if your vehicle gets broken into, your car will not start because the engine hasn’t received the keys signature. If the transponder chip is missing or damaged, the engine will not start and you will need to get a replacement transponder key.

These keys are becoming more common every year with vehicle manufactures. These chips located in the key add a lot more security for your vehicle. Transponder chips are very small and hard to see, because they can be smaller than a grain of salt and most keys don’t even look like they have a chip implanted in them. Most vehicles made within the last 15 years usually have these types of transponder systems. We provide free checks to see if you have this type of key. We are able to take your call 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We understand these problems don’t always happen in the daytime so feel free to call us any time of the day or night.

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In case you're experiencing difficulty with your transponder key, we can help fix it. Our expert specialists can rapidly get to your area, and provide you with another transponder key. We work every minute of every day Dallas Locksmiths, which implies that you can reach us at any time. We surround the whole city of Dallas, and we're prestigious for our exceptionally quick timing. Regardless of what you're transponder key issues may be, we'll be there for you!

Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Our dependable experts won't start work until they have presented with you a variety of options to help you make your own educated decision on which option is best for you. You don't need to spend a fortune at the neighborhood auto dealership. A knowledgeable specialist will arrive to you area, and give you another transponder key on the spot. We offer the most affordable costs available, and give you the best possible price quotes to fit your needs. We have numerous years of involvement in the locksmith field, which has formed a long list of satisfied client testimonials.