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Richardson Locksmiths are in place to provide you with the proper solutions to any and all of your lockout problems. Whether you have locked yourself out of your home, auto, or commercial business, we are here to help. We never take advantage of the vulnerable position that you’ve found yourself in. Do you need a transponder key reprogrammed? Did you lock your keys in your car?  How many times have you found yourself paying an arm and leg for a duplicate key? Are you prone to losing keys?



Replacement Keys
Locks Rekey
Door Lock Repair
Keypad Locks
Changing Locks
Car Lockout Service
Transponder Keys
Home Lockout
24 Hour Garage Door Repair

There are many services that Richardson Locksmiths can provide in concerns with auto, residential, or commercial lockouts. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, we can change the locks without entry locksets for the entire house. How many times have you had a family member use your spare key that you leave outside for emergencies and they forget to put it back? You really could have used that key to get back inside when you find yourself locked out. You’re getting out of your car and just as your car door is slamming shut, you remember your keys aren't in your hands. It can occur that quickly.

Richardson Locksmiths can add security locks to your windows and slider doors, giving you more protection against possible break-ins by unauthorized people. If you have let people borrow your keys and they weren't returned or if you have kids that have their own keys, which are prone to being lost, it may be time to have you locks changed. It’s hard to know where these keys end up and whose hands they end up in. Richardson Locksmiths have the right tools and knowledge on how to replace and extract a broken key from the door which is sometimes caused by an old or faulty key or door lock.

We Have 24 Hour Locksmith Services in : 75201, 75202, 75203, 75204, 75205, 75206, 75207, 75208, 75209, 75210, 75211, 75212, 75214, 75215, 75216, 75217, 75218, 75219, 75220, 75221, 75222, 75223, 75224, 75225, 75226, 75227, 75228, 75229, 75230, 75231, 75232, 75233, 75234, 75235, 75236, 75237, 75238, 75239, 75240, 75241, 75242, 75243, 75244, 75245, 75246, 75247, 75248, 75249, 75250, 75251, 75252, 75253, 75258, 75260, 75261, 75262, 75263, 75264, 75265, 75266, 75267, 75270, 75275, 75277, 75283, 75284.
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Irving Plano
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Grand Prairie Fort Worth
Richardson Frisco

Richardson Locksmiths will provide 24/7 emergency services for lockouts, broken keys or locks and lock replacement, whether it involves your home, vehicle or place of business. We know that problems with locks don’t just occur while the sun is out, so we are available any time of day or night.

It is suggested that you have a spare key made if you are prone to losing keys often so that way you are able to save yourself time and money down the road. We provide locksmith services such as quick lock out services, door lock picking,  panic devices for commercial dwellings, safes combination changes, emergency roadside assistance, electronic keyless entry, and much more. The first thing you should do when you are locked out is to breathe and give the professionals of Richardson Locksmiths a call. We are here to help.